8 Pieces of Swimming Gear Every Swimmer Should Own

Every athlete has their must-haves that they always carry around during practice season. But have you ever wondered what is inside a swimmer’s gym bag? Though it seems that swimmers just need their swimwear and a pair of goggles, many of them carry a lot more essential gear.

Every athlete has their personal preferences as to what they want to have every single training. Aside from the general essentials like water bottles, spare swimsuits, goggles, caps, and some (or plenty) snacks. Whether you are just curious to know or you would like to go shopping for a friend, here are some must-have gears that swimmers have:

The best swim goggles are perhaps the most essential gear for swimmers. Goggles cannot be replaced with something else and there is no way around wearing them. I bet you have never seen a swimmer who just closed their eyes their whole practice never mind at competition even if they just forgot their goggles or do not have one.

For a recreational swimmer, just a simple pair of goggles will do. However professional swimmers prefer the ones that have an anti-fog coating which prevents the lenses from fog up. Some also want goggles that have UV protection so they can use it for outdoor swimming.

Though some people do not care for these, those who are training, or exercising would never jump into the pool without their trusty swim cap. First, swimming caps neatly tucks in all that hair that might get in the way when swimming. Next, it protects the hair from the harsh effects of Chlorine. Most prefer silicone caps because they are more durable and easy to use.

Swim Earplugs

You cannot have enough earplugs. Some swimmers have plenty of these just in case they want another style or color to match their outfit. Earplugs have become an essential part of a swimmer’s must-have gears. Not only does this protects your ears from water-borne infections, but it also lessens the pressure that builds up underwater.

There are a lot of earplugs that are readily available in the market—moldable, flanged, or ergonomic. All have its purpose and can help you according to what you need.

Swim Bag

As you can see from the list on this page, swimmers carry around a lot of gear, whether it be to daily practice or to competitions. Dry gear goes out and wet gear goes back in, gadgets and street clothes need to be kept dry all while being dropped into puddles or sprayed with chemically treated water from the pool.

The best swim bags will protect your gear and keep dry things dry and wet things separate. All while protecting them from kicks, bumps and scrapes during transport.

Swim Snorkel

Though snorkels have been patented by FINIS way back 1994, however, the use of front-mounted snorkels have only been used in pools recently. What is so great about snorkels is that it enables you to enjoy the perks of training underwater continuously.

The resistance you get from the water is probably one of the best teachers you can have. Most swimmers use the snorkel to improve their techniques like getting a more balanced and equal stroke, kick works, sculling (minus the head over the water), and many more.

PRO TIP: Go hard on your kick sets especially when doing long courses. Focus on developing your stroke—make sure that they are symmetrical and full. Without having to think about gasping for air, you can put your full attention on your techniques.

Since it is relatively cheap and very versatile, many novice swimmers carry this around as part of their training routine. But because of its effectivity, even intermediate and professional athletes use it too.

If you are looking for high-quality swim snorkel, your best bet is FINIS Original Swimmer’s Snorkel.


To those who started young, you must have fun memories with your first kickboard when you were still a kid! Your kickboard becomes your first swimming companion and it never fails to make your kicks better.

Generally, kickboards help you build better and stronger kicks. Since your legs have the biggest muscles in your body, giving them some extra loving is not a bad idea. Lower body exercise is paramount for every swimmer’s training. Having flawless and powerful kicks may not give you a lot of additional propulsion, but it will surely help you maintain better body alignment, improve resistance, and develop more powerful pulls.

Swim Shampoo

Chlorine is a necessary evil in every swimmers life.  If you want clean water it needs to be chemically treated. The problem is every time you swim your hair absorbs chemically treated water leading the essential oils being stripped from the outside and the inside of your hair leading to gradual color change and brittle hair.

Your best defence? High-quality swim shampoo that restores the natural balance to your hair and is purposely formulated to remove all traces of chlorine from your hair.

Swim Fins

To end the list with the most well-loved piece of swimming gear.
The best swimming fins will help you achieve many swimming techniques that will make you a better swimmer. Strapping on a pair of fins will aid you to develop more feet and ankle function most, especially your flexibility. It builds muscle memory that can instill a more disciplined lower body and eventually develop a more sculpted technique.

Most importantly, swimming with fins is so much fun and you get to look cool!
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