How To Put On A Swim Cap

There are many ways to wear a swim cap, and it is my job to tell you how to. Even though putting on a swim cap is as easy as having common sense, it seems like people lack that as it is. So I might as well tell you how to pull the cap over your head. There are basically four ways to put on a swim cap. There is the water trick, pull over, stretch and snap, and help a pal out. My favorite personally is the pullover. But I will be getting into details on what each type is exactly, so you can figure out what you prefer.

Maybe I will give you some tips too. We will see how I am feeling.

So the first one is the water trick, which is basically when you turn your cap inside out, make sure inside the cap is full of water, and then you drop it on your head. The theory is that it is supposed to be perfectly snug on your head, but it is actually anything but that. I do not recommend you doing this because, in the end, you look stupid. It rarely ever works and basically never does. After the fact, due to your cap being wet all around, it can be a bit more challenging to get the cap on your head.

The one I like the most is next—the pullover. You start by stretching the cap from either the front or the back, usually the back. Then you pull the swim cap over your head forwards or backwards, which gives your swimming cap a good seal. I tend to enjoy this one, but it is more difficult for some people because the caps can slide off easily. But as odd as it is, it doesn’t do that for me.

Next we have on the list is the stretch and snap, which I cannot do personally due to my hands not being big enough. So when doing this, you basically use your hands to stretch out your cap around your head and just snap it over your head. This can often be painful doing, and it is difficult to do in general if you don’t have larger hands.

Last but not least is the help a pal out. This is a two-person cap application and is basically the same as the pullover. It’s really nice because I feel like this is more secure than the pullover by itself. After all, you have someone hold your hair makes it easier to ensure the cap is covering every strand of hair. As lovely as it is, you need more than one person to do it.

So now I’ll give you some tips, I guess. Please use a hair tie to keep loose hair put up in a bun, especially if your hair is long enough that you struggle with a lot of hair strands. Also, wet your hair before putting it into your cap because that can help with how much chlorine intake. Also, know how cold or hot it will be when swimming for this can affect how tight or loose your cap will be.

How to Put On Your Swim Cap If Your Hair Is Long

To put long hair in a swim cap, quickly tie your hair in a ponytail, or put your hair in a bun. Take the ponytail, and loop it around the front of the cap so that you have it in one hand. Next, take the other hand and pull up on the opposite side of your head to create a space for the cap on top of your head. From there, slide it down over your head and secure it with some bobby pins or hair clips. You’ll want to make sure both sides are tight enough to ensure all of your hair is covered.

Now you know all the ways to put a cap on, which one is your favorite? Will you apply these tips to your current routine, or do you already do?

Do Swim Caps Keep Hair Dry?

No, swim caps don’t keep hair dry. They are designed to keep the loose hair out of your face while swimming. They won’t stop it from getting wet, though. In fact wetting your hair may make the sides of the swim cap to catch your skin and maintain a tight fit. If you pull on dry hair chlorinated water will inevitably get in, so no matter what your hair will still get wet. But if you’ve wet and conditioned your hair it won’t absorb as much chlorine.

Lycra Spandex-Style

Lycra is a great cap material and is generally considered to be far more comfortable than your average silicone cap or latex cap. Especially when swimming in extremely warm water as they shed heat better than other materials. The material of the cap is not intended to keep your hair dry however, but they do enable you to put your hair into a ponytail and make sure any stray hair is well away from your face. If your cap is made with Lycra its generally easier to put on and it won’t stick to dry hair.

Polyester And Silicone

Ultimately, if you plan on being a great competitive swimmer you’ll need to learn how to put on a silicon-based swim cap. However, because the material tends to be tighter fitting you really have to pay attention to the health of your cap. When shopping around you will want to make sure you’re getting a cap that fits perfectly.