How to Choose a Swim Bag

A swim bag is a piece of essential equipment for any swimmer, even if it’s just a hobby of yours. Choosing the right swim bag keeps all of your things organized, and there are different types of bags for every sport, and in this case, we will be talking about the different kinds of swim bags that you can choose from. We’ll walk you through five different swim bag styles.

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Swim Backpacks

The famous swim backpack brands are from Speedo®, TYR®, and Arena®. These are the proven brands that are the top choices of aquatic athletes.

They come in several different sizes—adult size and kid’s size. You can choose which size is best for you. Modern swim backpacks are much spacious than the traditional ones. It now has more rooms for different gears suck as fins, pull buoys, paddles, towels, clothes, and other accessories. Usually, the bottom of the bag is made of rubber; this keeps the content inside the bag dry.

It’s convenient to use a backpack because it is hands-free. This bag includes side and mesh pockets where you can store your wet kinds of stuff; this makes the damp things to dry out and prevent any mildew from growing.

If you want to get creative, you can decorate your bag however you want it. You can attach keychains, patches etc.

Duffel Bags

There are some instances where swimmers don’t opt for backpacks, it could be due to their personal preferences, or it could be that they’re preventing back problems. Whatever the reason, a duffel bag is still a great option. It gives you more room than backpacks.

Duffel bags for swimmers don’t look any different as the duffel bag for other sports, but their design comes with lots of water sport-specific features.

Large Swim Duffels

This is the same with the other swim bags; it has rubberized bottoms and water-resistant materials to keep the content inside from getting damp and wet. The same materials also protect the bag from the rough surface of the pool and the chlorine.

There is a lot of gear that you can fit inside a large swim duffel bag such as kickboards, pulling gear, and fins. You can carry it using the standard shoulder strap, or you can also opt for two carrying straps.

There is storage for your wet swim gear, usually with ventilated pockets to help things dry quickly.

Small Swim Duffels

These are for swimmers who don’t have much equipment to bring with them to the pool. These bags may be less durable, but they can still function well for your chosen sport. Also, these are less expensive in contrast to the other bags list above.

Swim duffels and traditional gym bags are versatile. They can be used for different kinds of athletes or enthusiasts such as recreational swimmers, aqua joggers, water aerobic enthusiasts, and many more.

Mesh Bags

If you are a minimalist, this bag is just for you. Swimmers often use mesh swim bags to separate their equipment easily and dry them between practices. You can put your gear such as your fins, pulling gear, kickboards, goggles, etc.

They usually shut with a traditional drawstring; they have backpack styles as well.

Choose The Right Bag For You

Purchasing a swim bag is an excellent investment, especially if you are a swimming enthusiast. You see, if you’ll just use an ordinary bag for your swimming gear, the tendency is that that bag will not last long and if you’ll continue buying bags that are not designed for swimming, it’ll just cost you more and ordinary bags don’t keep your swim gear dry or protect them from getting damaged.