How To Care For Your Swim Goggles

Don’t touch your goggles; especially with your fingers at any point in time; even to clean them off because the oil and dirt on your hands can transfer to your goggles and erode them or simply cause even further damage.

Reasons why not to touch your goggles, especially on the inside:

Dirt: Dirt and oil from fingers reduces vision clarity.

Scratches: Contact from fingers, fingernails, rough cloths or tools also damaging the lenses, causing swimmer’s eyes to refocus on scratches instead of the lap lane or competition/ race in general.

Anti-Fog Abuse: Wiping the inside of a lens with anything can damage the anti-fog coating and scratch the lens, resulting in a blurry, foggy view. So make sure you know what you are doing before you do it.


  • Delicately wash with cool, fresh water before putting the goggles away.
  • Store your goggles in a safe case or a shade pocket to protect your goggle lenses from scratches.
  • When you back from the pool, you must allow goggles to totally air dry.


  • Try not to expose your goggles to high/ hot temperatures because this can soften your goggles; causing them to go out of shape.
  • Try not to expose your swim goggles to too much sunlight for doing so can age elastic ties and cause them to snap or break more frequently.
  • Try not to store wet goggles. Rather allow your goggles to air dry before you put them away.

How to Clean Swim Goggles:

Rinse: Gently rinse the entirety of the goggles in freshwater. This eliminates pool chemicals (like chlorine) that will age the goggle straps and lenses. Give ’em a shake to remove excess water. This is to make sure there are no watermarks left over.

Strap Cleaning: Dip your fingers into some soapy water and massage straps. Make sure to take extra special care to keep the soapy rinse water away from swim goggle lenses. While being gentle you are preserving the straps.

Rinse Again: Rinse away the soapy water solution, being extra careful to keep the rinse away from swim goggle lenses.

Air Dry: Allow goggles to air dry completely, away from direct sunlight.

Removing Dirt, Scale, and Other Deposits with Vinegar:

In case your goggles are truly messy and are so far gone to the point where basic washing can’t save them, then consider this drenching cleaning procedure.

Locate a little bowl that is sufficiently big enough to contain and lower your swim goggles into it.

Fill the bowl with mainly freshwater and mix in 5 tablespoons of white vinegar.

Then put your swim goggles or swim veil into the bowl, ensuring focal points and seals are totally surrounded by the mixture.

Leave the goggles for 2 hours, pour out the mixture into a sink, and quickly flush in some new/ clean water.

Lightly shake the excess water from goggles and allow them to air dry totally before putting away once again.

What To Do When Anti-Fog Coating Wears Off?

Anti-fog spray: Applying fog-resistant mist to your goggles will prevent film-like properties from forming on your swim goggles.

Sloshing strategy: Some swimmers will keep a couple of drops of water in their goggles, so the water can permit mist from forming with a slim layer of water that continually sloshes around your goggles focal points as you swim. Despite the fact that this strategy is helpful, the interruption can distract you from your swimming.

Did you get all that? In case you’re cautious with your goggles, you may never utilize a large number of these methods of cleaning. Keep in mind, insignificant taking care of, flushing, and appropriate capacity practices will effectively help preserve the life of your swim goggles for a longer amount of time.