How to Care for a Swim Bag

Swim bags are built to take a lot of abuse in wet environments, but that does not mean you won’t have to learn how to clean your swim bag. Like any other equipment, swim bags also need proper maintenance so that it will last longer and for hygienic purposes as well.

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If you notice that your bag is starting to smell, appears dirty, and mildew begins to appear, then it’s time to wash it down. But how do you clean it up properly? Well, we got it all covered.

How to wash your swim bag?

  • You can either hand wash use a washing machine. If you’ll do the former, use a bar of soap and warm water to remove the stains and dirt from the bag. If you’ll do the latter, the same thing, use warm or cold water and just select the gentle cycle so it will not damage the material.
  • Avoid using bleach or fabric softener.
  • When you’re thinking of washing your bag, avoid soaking it beforehand because this will cause the colors to fade.

How to dry your swim bag?

  • As much as possible, avoid using dryer because this might damage the material. Note that swim bags are usually made of synthetic materials, so the best way to dry your swim bag is to hang it dry.
  • If the bag is made of natural fibers, you can use dryers be sure to use the low heat setting.

Proper Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your swimmers bag in good condition for the long haul. So, how do you clean your swim bag?

  • Take out the stuff in your bag once you’re done using it and let it dry naturally.
  • Disinfect the bag and remove any dirt that can damage the fabric—mildew, dirt, debris and any leaked substances (e.g. soap, sunscreen, shampoo).
  • Inspect your bag to see if it is slightly damaged, such as small tears and holes; you can repair them by stitching it to prevent it from getting more damaged.
  • Store your wet gear and suits in outer pockets and hang them outside your bag to dry.

How Long Should A Swim Bag Last?

A very long time! If you take good care of it. You see, swim bags are designed with durability in mind, so you can get several years of use out of them, even if you just clean it now and then. Just keep an eye out for mildew growth and try to give your swim bag a thorough wash every month or as needed.