Can You Swim with Waterproof Headphones?

People who are into running, jogging, or lifting weights at the gym have a common denominator—cranking up your favorite tunes while exercising.

If you are a born water creature who loves to spend most of your time underwater, you probably thought of how you can listen to music while swimming. Swimming can be a way to relax while putting in a little workout. The question now is how to bring in an electronic device in swimming pools. How can you plug into your favorite beats while swimming?

Swimming with headphones was uncommon a long time ago. With the logic that water and electronic gadgets do not go well at all, it seems pretty impossible. However, with the continuous technological advancements, inventions such as waterproof headphones are now readily available in the market. Whether you are an occasional swimmer or a professional athlete, if you are into music while exercising, this is great news!

If you are going to purchase headphones for swimming or what they usually call swimphones, these are the things that you must consider:

IPX8 Rating – The Ingress Protection (IP) ratings are the buyers’ basis as to the level of protection of electrical devices against water and sediments (like dust and dirt). This rating will serve as a guide as to how the sealed enclosure can protect the gadget from intrusions. In return, as owners, you will be able to manipulate the environmental factors to safe-house your devices.

Understanding IP Ratings – This rating is composed of the letters IP then followed by a 2-digit combination. The first number is rated from 0-6 and represents the protection from foreign bodies. Then the next is the protection against water and it is rated from 0-8. If you see a letter X in place of the number, it means that the protection is not indicated.

So, for example, a pair of headphones that have a rating of IPX8 simply means that it is not rated for protection against intrusion against solid objects but has the highest rating for protection against water. Having a rating of 8 under protection against liquid means that the gadget has a high level of defense—so high that it can withstand the effects of continuous immersion in water. This makes this rating perfect for those who are into water-related activities such as swimming.

Form Factor – Today, there is a variety of designs that corresponds to a specific need of the buyer. For swimmers, you must remember to look out for the ones that can give you unrestricted movement and can stay on your head steadily while swimming. Long cables can be a nuisance when you are swimming especially when doing strokes. You can opt for earphones that can be strapped around your ear or can stay firm on your swimming caps.

Built-in MP3 Player – Some headphones are built with an MP3 player, so it is easier to store your favorite playlist. There are a lot of available MP3 players that have different storages. Another feature that you must consider is its battery life. Make sure that you have ample battery life to last your usual stay in the water. Before jumping in your favorite swimming pool, make sure that you have your playlist ready and it is fully charged.

Before any purchases, you must research about the gadget first. This way, you can buy the best possible device for you.