Can Swimmers Wear Underwear Under Swimsuits?

This may be such a plain and simple question, but many people are still clueless about whether to wear underwear under swimsuits. if you are an occasional swimmer, coach, or even athletes, this article will give as much information as possible.

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The answer? NO. Never wear any undergarments (briefs, panties, or bras) under your swimming attires. Some may feel uncomfortable and somewhat vulnerable but if you think about it, the areas that your underwear cover are also covered by your swimwear.

Swimsuits vs Underwear

Pool water has different characteristics that are why a standard attire should be worn when taking a dip into swimming pools. Swimsuits are made from specific kinds of materials that can withstand the harsh chemicals in the pool such as Chlorine. Its lightweight material also allows less water absorption thus drying will be a breeze. On the other hand, most undergarments are made from materials that may be good for everyday use but maybe a bad idea when swimming. Cotton, which most panties and briefs are made of, will absorb more water thus adding to your body weight. You might feel that something is dragging you.

If you are still skeptical, let me tell you this: swimsuits are specifically made as an underwear substitute. For women, a special lining in the crotch area is placed for protection and additional padding in the bust is also present as support.

To make sure that the lining is up to your standards, simply turn it inside out and look for the second layer underneath the outer layer. It is easy to separate the two as it is sewn only on the sides. Check if the lining is intact and has a good stretch quality. There are also some swimsuits attach an underwire for more bust support—like that of a bra. However, professional swimwear does not include this. Rather, heavy or thick padding along the chest area is added for support and privacy.

PRO TIP: Avoid using suits that are light-colored if you do not want to show off some parts of your body. Also, remember that some suits may show or become more see-through when wet.

For male swimmers, most of the jammers and trunks are lined with additional padding in the crotch area which acts like regular underwear. Today, more companies are innovating jammers and trunks that eliminate linings and replacing the uncomfortable texture of the mesh lining. Instead, different materials and fabrics are used for a more gentle feel while still providing the needed support. Just a reminder that some designs and brands create thin suits so be careful as some may be a little see-through.

PRO TIP: When purchasing jammers or trunks without lining, stretch the crotch area, and check if it becomes a little see-through.

Is there any time I should wear underwear underneath a swimsuit?

If there is the slightest chance that you really must wear underwear it would be for when you have faulty swimsuits. For example, if your swimsuit is too loose, you can wear a bra underneath for support or if it does not have a lining, you can wear panty or brief. However, this is only acceptable for those who just swim for fun. This is not an option for athletes and other professional swimmers. Choosing a good quality swimsuit would still be the best option.

What if I do not have any swimsuits?

Generally, this depends on the rules of the place where you are going. Most places with swimming pools post strict policies on wearing proper swimming gear. Wearing normal clothes that you have already worn outside can carry dirt and dust particles that can easily affect the chemical balance of the pool water. If that happens, the disinfectant in the pool may not be sufficient to prevent the spread of disease-carrying germs.

Others may think that they can just wear their regular underwear. The answer is still the same—make sure to check the pool’s policies. Since some underwear can be a bit too revealing and vulgar, several places may be too conservative and may not allow it. The next best thing to use is a tight-fitting sports bra and nylon panties for women and cycling shorts for men. The important thing is to wear something that has the same texture as an actual swimsuit.

Can I Wear Swimsuit as An Undergarment?

You might think that you can because some swimsuits feel and look the same. However, you must take into consideration that undergarments are made to provide comfort even when used for a long time. It is more breathable, moisture-absorbent, and fits just right.