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Are you looking for the best swim jammer? Here we’ve broken down and reviewed some of the best selling swim jammers from brands like Speedo and Tyr.

You’ve been practicing in the pool for months. Trained your mind and body through countless hours in the water and doing dryland workouts. You’re ready for this.

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All you need to do now is pick the best swim jammer for you to race in. But it’s not just about performance; it’s also about your personality. Do you have the confidence to be noticed at the starting block, or would you rather blend in?

Let’s find the perfect swim jammer for you!

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TYR Sport Durafast Swim Jammer

  • Their unique 4-way stretch material doesn't lose its tight fit or shape.
  • Sun resistance and chlorine resistance features protect their appearance and quality.​
  • The lightweight design is perfect for high-performance swimmers.

  • 53% polyester, 47% polyester PBT​
  • Chlorine-proof​
  • Four color options​
  • 1.5" high – 4.75" wide
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Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra

  • Features industry-leading Ultra Link System for targeted compression zones
  • Trusted by Olympic athletes
  • Retains its shape and compression
  • Provides choice of colors, fabric designs, and sizes

  • 50% Polyamide, 47% Elastane, 3% carbon fiber
  • Horizontal carbon bands deliver “intelligent compression”
  • Innovative hydrodynamic, streamlined design
  • Very lightweight, tightly-woven performance fabric
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Easea Rapid Swim Splice Jammer

  • Outer: 82% nylon, 18% spandex; Lining: 100% polyester
  • Three sizing options and four color/pattern options
  • Extremely quick-drying
  • Our most affordable option
  • Water-repellent
  • A long-lasting design ensures ample use before elasticity is lost
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Onvous Men’s AquaGenesis

  • 82% polyester, 18% spandex
  • Size range from 28-38
  • Water and chlorine protection technology; moisture-wicking
  • Blue color with honeycomb pattern

  • Onvous AquaGenesis jammers retain their shape over long periods
  • These jammers provide a choice option for both swim training and competitions
  • They allow flexibility and free movement for high-performance swimming
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TYR Alliance Splice Jammer

  • 80% recycled nylon, 20% LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber
  • Above-the-knee cut, compressive fit, and adjustable drawcord waist
  • UPF 50+ protection and chlorine resistance
  • Comes in eleven color options and seven sizes, from 26-38

  • Uses eco-friendly, high-performance materials to deliver optimal performance
  • Engineered to reduce drag and increase speed
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#1 - Our Top Pick



Their unique 4-way stretch material doesn’t lose its tight fit or shape.
Sun resistance and chlorine resistance features protect their appearance and quality.
The lightweight design is perfect for high-performance swimmers.

If you’re searching for high-performance swim jammers that come at an affordable price point, the TYR Sport Men’s Solid Durafast Jammer Swim Suit is a choice option and a favorite with new and experienced swimmers alike. Its unique 4-Way stretch technology ensures that it maintains its tight fit, regardless of its use.

Unlike traditional swimwear, this 100% polyester suit can withstand overuse, sun exposure, and chlorine exposure. You won’t have to worry about long swimming sessions fading the aesthetic appearance of this suit.

TYR’s particular jammer design for men comes in four colors: black, navy, royal blue, and anthracite. The lightweight design is useful for swimmers who need a well-covered swimsuit that doesn’t slow down their performance.

TYR is one of the most reputable names in the professional swimming industry. If you’re searching for a jammer trusted by thousands of swimmers across the globe, TYR, which has headquarters in Huntington Beach, Calif., is an excellent company to choose.

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#2 - Top Premium Recommendation for Swim Jammers



If you’re searching for high-performance swim jammers suitable for hardcore swimmers in high-level competitions, this Arena Powerskin Carbon Ultra Men’s Jammers Racing Swimsuit is an excellent option.

While this is undoubtedly the most expensive product on our list, it’s easy to see why so many swimmers trust these Arena swim jammers to deliver results. Olympic Gold Medalists have even used and endorsed them, including Katinka Hosszu, Ranomi Kromowidjojo, Adam Peaty and Gregorio Paltrinieri.

This product uses compression technology to provide ample muscle support to swimmers. This swim jammer ensures that your body performs at its top capacity by supporting you throughout all swim movements. Its “body rotation control” gives confidence that all your movements will provide maximum output.

It’s important to note that this product offers extreme compression benefits. Compression has pros and cons. Intense compression can make the jammers feel too tight for some swimmers. Arena recommends that you buy one size above your usual swim jammer size if you’re entering a competition. Don’t buy this product if you don’t want snug swim jammers.

For high-performance swimmers, these swim jammers will retain their shape and functionality throughout their lifespan. The construction of this Arena product prevents unnecessary loosening.

Lastly, this swim jammer comes in multiple unique designs. You can access fluorescent colors and a range of other distinctive patterns. These aesthetic choices have long been popular choices options for swimmers at high levels.

Arena is a German company that provides high-performance swimwear to athletes around the world. The company has been a favorite with customers since its inception in 1973. While it’s known for producing expensive swimwear, it has solidified itself as an industry leader and a trusted partner of many of the world’s top swimmers.

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#3 - Our Best Value Swim Jammer



While the Onvous Men’s AquaGenesis isn’t the least expensive set of swim jammers on our list, it is, without a doubt, the best value option. These jammers come at a bargain price without sacrificing their quality of performance. The chlorine and water protection features built into the material ensures that you’ll move effortlessly through the water while in training or competitions.

Many athletes use this Onvous product for cross-training, so it’s also suitable for engaging in sports outside of swimming. The polyester and spandex combination provides elasticity, durability, and performance benefits.

Onvous provides six different sizes from which to choose—which means that swimmers are sure to find an option that fits well enough for serious competitions. It’s easy to find a sizing option that minimizes drag and supports muscle performance. Unlike other products on the market, Onvous AquaGenesis jammers have an adjustable drawstring that can tighten these swim jammers at your waist.

While this product doesn’t include an extended warranty, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee available to all purchasers. Onvous appears to be a subsidiary of Pangaea Guild Exchange, a San Diego-based company that sells only on Amazon. While little is known about the product’s manufacturer, these swim jammers are definitely well-liked by their owners.

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#4 - Our Cheapest Option for Swim Jammers



For swimmers who want affordable entry-level swim jammers, we recommend this Easea Men’s Rapid Swim Splice Quick Dry Jammer as the best buy for your money. As with most popular swim jammers, Easea designs these swim trunks to provide muscle support as well as to reduce drag while swimming.

The fabric in these jammers is a combination of nylon and spandex with a polyester lining. While the material itself fits snugly around your lower body, an elastic waistband ensures that it remains tight against your hips during powerful swimming stretches. These swim jammers are suitable for both training and competitions.

The Easea Men’s Rapid Swim Splice Quick Dry Jammer comes in three sizing options: x-small, small, and medium. Make sure to consult the company’s sizing chart before you make a purchasing decision.

While Easea’s jammers are a popular option with swimmers, we could find barely any information about the Easea brand that manufactures this product. The company has no web presence other than through vendors like Amazon. If you want to partner with a trusted company in the swim industry, you may want to look at other options.

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#5 - Best Multi-Material Swim Jammer



If you’re interested in multi-material, eco-friendly swim jammers produced by a reputable swimwear company, the TYR Men’s Alliance Splice Jammer is an excellent choice. Lycra and recycled nylon are combined in this product to provide a highly-responsive and durable design. This TYR design can retain its shape, even after extensive use.

While there is only one color option available for this product on Amazon, the TYR site offers eleven color options. It’s easy to find a size that perfectly fits your body. On Amazon, the cost of the product can vary depending on which size you purchase.

While there’s no doubt that this product can retain its shape, it’s not the best option if you’re searching for swim jammers that maintain their vivid colors. Swimmers often complain that this product fades after chlorine exposure.

The Alliance Splice Jammer is another product that’s produced by TYR, one of the most trusted names in swimwear. If you want to buy affordable swim jammers from a manufacturer with a strong reputation, it’s hard to go wrong with anything that the California-based TYR sells.

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Swim Jammer Frequently Asked Questions

How long do swim jammers last?
Approximately 6 months or 20 swims. How long swim jammers last depends on the fabric it is made of, as a general rule the more stretchy the material the less use your swim jammers will last through.

Why do Olympic swimmers wear jammers?
Any competition grade swim jammers will work by reducing your profile, giving you a sleek shape with as few surfaces as possible to generate resistance in the water. This gives the swimmer a small speed advantage.

How tight should swimming jammers be?
Swim jammers should be tight enough that it is difficult to fit 2 fingers under the fabric anywhere from the waist through to the knee. Measurement is based on waist size, so if you have a 30” waist, then the ideal size for you is a size 30 swim jammer.

Are swim jammers faster than briefs?
Yes, swim jammers are faster than briefs. The stretchy material gives the swimmer a smaller profile while the water repellent materials move through water with less resistance than skin and hair. This makes each movement more efficient and ultimately gives a competitive swimmer a small performance increase. Enough so that FINIS banned full body suits from competition in 2009.