Are Swim Caps Waterproof?

There are two main types of swim caps— the Lycra swim cap and the latex cap. They serve the same function; the difference is the fit. Swim caps are designed for professional and competitive swimmers. Swim caps help with the swimming speed, for wearing it reduces drag. Now, even amateur swimmers wear them to improve their swimming performance. Also, this prevents the hair from getting damaged by avoiding most of the exposure to chlorine.

Swim caps do not keep your hair dry when swimming. They just help to tuck your hair so it won’t get in the way with swimming and limit the overall exposure to chlorine. They are not 100% waterproof, so it is still possible that water can seep into your hair. If you have long hair, look for a swim cap that is easier to wear so that you will avoid getting your hair entangled.

Swim caps are recommended for outdoor swimming to help protect the hair from the sun’s damage and avoid the hair getting dishevelled while doing the activity, especially those with long hair. However, they do not prevent water from entering the ears, so earplugs or ear bands are recommended, including goggles, to complete the swimming set up.

If you are a swimmer or one of those who frequently swims, it is very much advisable to make a habit of wearing a swim cap. It doesn’t only help your performance in the pool; it can also help in the pool’s maintenance. There were many instances where loose hair clogs the pool’s filters, making cleaning more arduous than it is; hence, most pool maintenance suggestions greatly recommend using swim hats.