9 Signs You Have A Swimmers Body

Swimming is such a whole-body workout that many swimmers get noticed because of their toned and well-balanced body. A swimmer’s body is one of the sought-after physiques not just because swimmers get to flaunt their bodies with their swimsuits but because it is a vision of a healthy body.

Freestyle alone will get you a lean figure with broad shoulders, defined arms and legs, and toned buttocks. Now, who would not want to have that?

Signs Of A Swimmers Body

If you have these characteristics, it just means one thing: you have a swimmer’s body and a total babe:

They are relatively tall

Most professional swimmers and athletes are incredibly tall. Maybe because they have their daily dose of stretching and exercise, history will tell you that the most successful and record-holding swimmers have the height to back it up. The tallest record holder in the 100-meters freestyle is 6’4,” and the shortest among them is still an astounding 6’1” in height.

However, even those who are not that tall still found their way to become swimming legends. For instance, Janet Evans was only 5’5” but is known to be the distance superstar. David Berkoff, known for his legendary dolphin kicks who made his way to the Seoul Olympics in 1988, was 5’8”. Even today, petite swimmers like Japanese icon Kosuke Hagino, whose height is 5’8” is breaking boundaries showing the world that height is not a big deal.

They are more flexible

Flexibility is one of the many skills that is honed when you swim regularly. Flexing and extending the arms constantly will eventually result in a more fluid movement, thus increasing the lats, shoulder, and back flexibility.

Michael Phelps, a world-renowned professional swimmer, religiously stretch before every race. He is known for his flexibility and ability to hyperextend his knees and elbow. Before training or any competition, you would see him get up and wrap-slap each arm behind his back for several times.

They are shockingly strong

The intensive swimming workouts, when done regularly and properly, slowly but surely build up muscles. Flutter kicks alone can improve your glutes, thighs, and legs immensely. So, while they are leaner than most athletes, they might still beat you in arm wrestling!

Of course, it does not mean that swimmers can compete with professional lifters. This will depend on the personal preference of training, but generally, swimmers have tough muscles and great strength.
To name a few, freestyler Nathan Adrian eats a 160-pound dumbbell bench press per arm like their M&M’s and Michael Phelps can do 30 pull-ups at a time.

They have hilariously large lats

The latissimus dorsi or commonly called lats, is the big chunk of muscle located on both sides of the back that starts from the back of the shoulder down near the hips. Since lats are activated when doing exercises that involve pulling, the overhead work that comes with swimming makes this muscle more improved. A toned set of lats has become the hallmark of a very hard-working swimmer.

They have swimmer’s shoulders

Same with the concept of building the lats muscles, the shoulder muscles tend to be more involved with pulling exercises. Also, the regular hyperextension and hyperflexion of the shoulders when doing arms exercises lead to more prominent V-shaped and broad shoulders.

Though choosing the right regular t-shirt might be tricky, the swimmer’s shoulders are perfect for tube tops, halter tops, and off-shoulders. You can easily spot a swimmer’s rocking body with the high shoulder to waist ratio if you look closely.

They have amazing triceps

A swimmer’s body is also gifted with lean and well-defined triceps muscles to complete the upper-body athlete look.
Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly strokes have the same feature; it builds up a strong-arm foundation. Being able to pull your body up or side to side involves a lot of triceps workout that will leave you nothing but great triceps!


If there is one thing that separates professional swimmers from those who just swim occasionally, it is their rocking abs that seem to be dropping jaws everywhere.
The constant core workout and extension of the whole body in each swimming exercise will result in more defined and toned muscles in the abdominal area. Now you know why swimmers always confident flaunting their seemingly always summer-ready bod.

Sexy legs

Since kicks are the core foundation of any swimming workout, it is almost impossible not to have toned legs and thighs. Flutter kicks are probably the best exercise for the legs as is receive that most resistance from the water. The downward movement may be easy, but the upward kick is where you get the muscles working. This results in a tight leg shape.

Most of the workouts and exercises are done in training regimes that involve the lower body almost 70% of the time because swimmers like to save their upper body strength, especially the shoulder blades, as they are prone to injuries.

Peach-like butts

If you have not noticed yet, almost all swimmers have that signature plumped up buttocks. Like most veteran dancers, those who frequently swim, and professional swimmers know that most swimming exercises include stretching the gluteus maximus. All four strokes that are used in swimming have different lower body workouts that are great in improving the glutes’ shape and form.